Multi-Disciplinary Firms – What Are The Prospects?

The Government and society has vested in the Chartered Accountants great responsibilities through various legislation. All the CA firms in Mumbai have an important role to play in the entire length of management consultancy services and the superiority of services rendered qualifies them to head the list of top CA firms in Mumbai.

CA Firm in MumbaiIn the context of rendering of services, the concept of Multi-disciplinary firms which can offer varied services like auditing, accounting, legal, secretarial, valuation, systems control and audit, risk assessment etc under one roof becomes very relevant. Professionals from other disciplines will combine with Chartered Accountants Mumbai and form a firm thus saving the client’s time and resources in getting his varied requirements fulfilled from different bodies.

This amalgamation of professionals in the Multi-disciplinary firm will enable it to handle tasks of larger proportion and challenges. Since each partner’s work will be complementary rather than competitive to that of the other, the chances of enhancement and growth of such firms are high.

However, the issue of each partner’s liability and risk factor has to be dealt with care as each partner may not be concerned with each assignment.  In this regard, the Government’s proposal to pass the Limited Liability Partnership Law is most welcome. How this development affects the Internal Audit Firms in Mumbai, Auditing Firms in Mumbai as well as Top Auditing Firms in Mumbai has to be seen.

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